Dirndl sewing instructions

Sewing a dirndl yourself has never been so easy. In my video tutorial I will show you how to sew the dirndl step by step. You can also buy the right dirndl pattern from me.

Pullover, Amy Vermont Amy VermontAmy Vermont

Pullover, Amy Vermont Amy VermontAmy Vermont

Sweater, Cinque CinqueCinque

Sereno shirt, pastel blue StrellsonStrellson

Jordan Classics Men's T-Shirt (Black)

Cardigan with shiny yarn blue typhoon typhoon

A dress sewn according to the pattern Heavenly Vani from sky blue. # sew # sew for children # sew makes happy

Get ready for Christmas.

Vintage Industries Darren Parka Jacket Black 3xl Vintage IndustriesVintage Industries


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