Novelty sweater Odd Molly

Novelty sweater Odd Molly

Hackett men's quilted jacket, padded microfiber, navy blue Hackett

Lierys Cotton-Mix Long Beanie Knitted hat Men's hat Indoor hat Cotton hat Lierys

Shades of Alpaca Silk Lana Gross triangular scarf pattern mix

Lierys Lilli Beanie women beanie knitted hat winter hat turn-up hat LierysLierys

Let's start with a little guide. I love this heel wall because it is nice and firm and gives a nice mesh. As soon as the weather permits (it has been snowing for days) I will start a …

Kalica knitted hat with cashmere by Lierys Lierys

The technique of sock knitting with Schachenmayr Regia 4-ply. Please make sure that the thread is always removed from the outside of the ball and that each sock starts with the same color repeat! Instructions for technique of sock knitting as PDF for free download

Turtleneck donte in black JoopJoop!

Leftovers recycling differently 🙂 free pattern: YinYan Kitty Ankle Socks || ravelry)


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