So you crochet a circle

There is a standard technique to crochet a circle of single crochets, e.g. is often used for amigurumis. The principle is as follows: You start with a magic ring (instructions for …

DIY for self-made linen potholders in trendy scandistyle. You can find the instructions on # potholder # topflappen #sewing

Megustahamabeads Rotkäfer – #Megustahamabeads # Rotkäfer

The classic … but always welcome as a gift: For more details on my blog, in words and pictures: LILAMALERIES ’s TOPFLAPPEN Greetings MONIKA

A crochet pattern for a sweet strawberry garland | ♥ Sweet apples – creative family blog ♥

fishy socks

Paws More – #More #Paws #png


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