This is how Tunisian crochet works – basic instructions –

Crochet Tunisian is a good alternative for normal crochet for beginners. The Tunisian pattern looks very noble, especially with different colored yarns.

Rainbow Waffles / DROPS 189-12 – Knitted rags with a textured pattern. The piece is worked in DROPS Paris.

This pot holder is guaranteed to be anything but boring thanks to its unusual pattern of 6 corners. Surely looks very nice to use as a coaster. Simply bring the 8 grannies together and you have a great coaster.

Great project for beginners too: homemade potholders! #diy #knit … – ….. – Pot holder knitting – # Pot holder #knitting

DIY | Crochet Tunisian pattern – mxliving

In this post I show you how you can easily change the color and get a clean color transition. I learned the most when I crocheted this little practice piece. This made it clear to me how the technology works. If you then know how to do it, you can transfer the technique to your individual crochet pieces. … Here's how it works: Crochet color transition / color change Continue reading →

Crocheted kitten / cat potholder decoration, #application #decoration # crocheted #cat #cat


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